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Alliance Academy for Real Estate People

Alliance is a real estate brand built on people, and the tagline “Real Estate People” was chosen with the very specific intention of introducing who we are and explain everything we are about. The best digital presence and all the proptech and AI tools you can imagine, cannot replace the emotional human connection that people make with other people; and at some point or another, almost everyone relies on a professional estate agent to support them through their property dealings.

Established in 2017, Alliance Academy is there to provide world-class support to every individual within the Alliance family throughout their tenure with the company. It is where property advisors are trained and supported in their ongoing development, through four main types of interaction, as follows:

  1. Interviewing and onboarding processes of new recruits joining the Alliance family.
  2. Full induction training of property advisors prior to commencement on the field.
  3. Regularly ongoing one-to-one sessions to provide personalized HR support.
  4. ‘Dynamite’ top up training sessions throughout the year to ensure that all property advisors are kept sharp, up to speed and abreast of latest developments within the real estate industry as they happen.

These interactions with all Alliance people and the general management of the Alliance Academy, is entrusted to Chief People Officer (CPO) Frank Borg, who together with key players in Alliance, including CEO Michael Bonello, COO Gordon Attard, Advisor to the CEO Ivan Bartolo, and others, has created a very powerful induction course, designed to transform new recruits into budding property advisors in less than a month. This is now being extended further to cater for mandated licensing requirements that come into effect next year.

Academy Manager Frank Borg believes that, “Since we are all ‘as strong as our weakest attributes’, we work hard to support and help our advisors turn any weaknesses into strengths so as to ensure that everyone is working to their true and highest potential. The Academy is here to help each individual Alliance member accomplish this”.

Induction Training
The induction course delivered every month by Frank Borg himself, helps new recruits to enter the industry and hit the ground running. Attendees are given the knowledge to understand the real estate industry so that they can quickly become credible and confident property advisors, who can offer top notch service to their clients. Most importantly, skills and strategies covering the whole sales process are delivered to ensure the most successful habits are instilled in Alliance’s people, always keeping client service and satisfaction as a foremost priority.

Ongoing one-to-ones are also delivered continuously by the Academy on a rotational basis, offering advisors and staff an effective support system within the company. This vital pillar in the Alliance structure allows Frank to identify strengths and weaknesses of each person with them directly, which in turn, creates the opportunity for the Academy to work on reinforcing the strengths and managing weaknesses to turn them into opportunities or even new strengths.

The one-to-one sessions also allow property advisors to make their voice heard, as all input is collected and presented to the Executive Committee board for discussion, development and potential implementation as policy. Frank emphasizes that “since each member of the Alliance team is valued as close knit family-like members, this offers everyone – irrespective of seniority, an opportunity to be heard and their suggestions evaluated. Each individual is important and respected, and it is this approach that is developing and building the unique brand character of ‘Alliance’”.

Ongoing Training
Ongoing training sessions are offered to all advisors irrespective of their experience level. Although attendance for these is not compulsory, a massive turnout is always registered. “This is testament to the high quality content that is delivered in these sessions”, continues Frank Borg. “All sessions are delivered in 90-minutes or less, with pure dynamite content that acts as excellent refreshers on important topics pertaining the industry. We give our advisors all they need to position themselves among the top in their field. Alliance Academy helps our people be the most professional and effective that they themselves can be, ensuring that we always deliver the best quality service to our clients.

Alliance Academy makes it possible to recruit and properly onboard the best talent available, and then ensure that every individual’s best personal attributes are developed as much as possible. It is the Academy’s overall mission to ensure that every member of the group looks forward to coming to work on every Monday morning, and to serve their clients with a genuine sense of service and enthusiasm. An extremely important factor of the Academy is to provide everyone within the Alliance “family” with an environment that allows a deep sense of on-the-job-fulfillment.

Alliance Academy is there to encourage, support, challenge, motivate and inspire those who are actively seeking to reach high levels of productivity in this exciting industry. If you feel like you’ve got the desire, drive and ambition to move ahead in an exciting field that could explode your earning potential, feel free to contact Frank directly at academy@alliance.mt or on 9916 4101.

Who we are

Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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