Innovating Malta’s Letting Market

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Innovating Malta’s Letting Market

New Alliance Letting Division launched with operational innovations to benefit tenants, landlords and agents of letting properties in Malta.

Having already established a very strong market presence in property sales, Alliance Real Estate started 2022 focused squarely on the launch of its new Letting Division; and as it did previously with property sales, the letting sector is being approached with the same corporate objective of delivering the highest level of stakeholder satisfaction at all touchpoints, whilst innovating the way that business is operated.

Alliance Letting Team (L to R): The Alliance Letting team includes Rohit Boddu, Thyl Krijthe, Daniela Huber, Lorraine DImech, Frank Borg (Alliance CPO), Abigail Simiana (Alliance Letting COO), Michael Bonello (Alliance CEO), Godwin Galan, Sonia Abderrahman, Champion Fang, Ray Alamango, Nicky Scerri and Adrian Friggieri.

“Although Alliance has effectively been operational since 2004, these past 18 months have been an important turning point for us, as we have built new and more effective corporate structures in operations, finance, training and marketing”, explained Alliance Group CEO, Michael Bonello, when introducing the new division. He went on to explain the company’s infrastructure in more detail, whilst introducing Alliance Letting Division COO, Abigail Simiana. Ms Simiana joined Alliance towards the end of last year, specifically to set up and lead the new division. She comes with extensive experience in customer service, sales management and property letting, from her previous roles with other leading companies in various sectors.

“We know that one of the most tedious and unproductive tasks for letting agents is hours of searching for available properties every day. At the same time owners complain of getting lots of nuisance calls and tenants get frustrated looking for suitable properties.” Simiana asserts. “When given the opportunity to lay the groundwork for this new division, we wanted to re-think the way letting business is done for the benefit of tenants, landlords and our own letting advisors”, she continues.

Alliance Letting COO Abigail Simiana with Alliance Group CEO Michael Bonello

With this mind-set for innovation, Alliance Letting has set up a dedicated team of people specifically doing database maintenance every day so that property details, photos and features are constantly kept updated. With this innovation, landlords will be receiving less nuisance calls from different people about their properties and Letting Advisors can rest assured that they are working on freshly updated listings.

“Every day Alliance Letting Advisors are getting twenty immediately available-to-let listings to work on, so they can focus on delivering the best service to their clients, and spend less time on tedious and unproductive tasks and more time out there closing deals”, explains Simiana. The company’s database of over 25,000 letting properties, built from past listings and more recent mergers and acquisitions of other letting companies into Alliance Group, is now being put on the website alliance.mt so tenants looking for properties can start their own search online.

Alliance Advisors also benefit from ongoing training and self-development support delivered through the in-house Alliance Real Estate Academy and marketing support for personal branding, social media management, content creation and increasing influence and market visibility from Alliance Marketing. Moreover, branch management offers a hands-on approach to provide guidance and ensure the most equitable deals are closed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Now fully operational, Alliance Letting has immediate vacancies for Letting Agents as well as Letting Team Leaders and Managers, with superb future growth potential when joining the company at this early stage. For more information please contact Abigail Simiana on abigail@alliance.mt or 7729 3092.

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Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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