Meet the Management at San Gwann branch

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Meet the Management at San Gwann branch

Meet Ana-Marija Zafirovska

Ana-Marija graduated with a degree in Sociology from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, Macedonia, where she was born and raised. She moved to Malta around 2010, where she studied Digital Marketing and achieved a Masters degree in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having had a successful career in television back home, here in Malta Ana-Marija first worked in marketing and advertising roles and then moved to real estate, eventually working her way up to management level in this field.

Today she runs the Alliance branch in San Gwann with a team of 15 dedicated property advisors, who are amongst the top performing in the Group.

Alliance San Gwann branch is located on the lower site of Naxxar Road. It is managed by Ana-Marija Zafirovska, a North Macedonian living in Malta and working in real estate since 2010. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Marketing.

Ana-Marija: San Gwann is one of the best selling localities across the Alliance Group; but obviously that’s not just because our branch is located here. In actual fact all of our property advisors do work across all of Malta, however, it’s quite convenient to have the branch located in San Gwann, because it’s close to all the central areas, yet close to Sliema and St Julian’s area as well.

I believe that if you focus and you commit yourself to this job or anything in life in general then you will succeed, because nothing happens unless you make it happen and only you have that power. And in reality I believe there’s no other format of success, it’s just commitment and work.”

Ana-Marija brings refreshed energy and excellent team spirit, while having increased confidence, professionalism, and high level results among her team members.

Ana-Marija: My role as a branch manager is helping my people identify their passions, what their passion is about and further helping them unleash their full potential for this industry.

I’m very proud of the diversity of my team and very happy with the positive vibe we have at the office in San Gwann; and how for example the young agents are assisting the senior ones with social media advertising, for example. And the other way around, how the senior agents are supporting them and forwarding their experience they gained through the years.

I am proud to say that our office is built on respect, is built on teamwork, is built on communication and even fun and laughter. And I believe that once you have that as a foundation you can build on top of it and really flourish the business.

Also having Paul Sammut in the branch, who is one of the co-founders of Alliance, gives additional support due to his years of experience in the industry.

At the San Gwann branch we have a dynamic and vibrant team, which is ready for further growth, so we are looking for anyone out there who’s ready to join this exciting and fulfilling industry.

Alliance property advisors are highly supported self-employed entrepreneurs, who receive top quality training and all the necessary tools to generate business for themselves within Alliance.

Michael Bonello: As more people continue choosing Alliance as a reliable real estate partner, we are always on the lookout for more entrepreneurs to become part of our group.

Who we are

Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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