• 20-12-2023

Alliance Team Building Treasure Hunt & Networking Lunch

2023 has been an exceptional year of growth for Alliance, and this year, instead of the usual evening Christmas party which is sometimes difficult for some people to attend due to personal commitments, we organised a daytime fun event for all Alliance Real Estate People.

Alliance team building treasure hunt

The day started with tea, coffee and pastizzi (plus some healthier options) at Luxol Sports Club in Pembroke, as everyone started to arrive at the Former Parade Grounds in Pembroke. Meanwhile, 30 vans with 30 drivers were getting ready to go in the large parking area outside. After briefing the team leaders on how the game will proceed in the morning, everyone donned their Alliance hats and vests and joined their teams to get going.

Alliance Team Building Event - Dec 2023
Alliance Team Building Event - Dec 2023

The main objective of the treasure hunt is to continue strengthening connections so that everyone can get to know each other better, and for this reason the teams were planned purposely to mix people from different positions and different branches. Each team leader had their own handheld device on which step-by-step instructions were communicated from one way-point to the next. On arrival at each destination, team members then worked together to complete the GPS-triggered challenges issued by the app. These included questions, cryptic clues, photographic criteria and timed tasks tailored for specific outcomes.

The treasure hunt ran for about three hours and by lunch time everyone was being dropped off at The Grove in Qawra, for a traditional Maltese pork and rabbit feast with a selection of antipasti, starter courses and desserts, plus free flowing wine, beer and drinks. People moved around and mingled freely and the winning teams were announced, celebrated and awarded between lunch courses.

Alliance Real Estate Group Admins team - Dec 2023