Real Estate People: Meet Andria Aquilina

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Real Estate People: Meet Andria Aquilina

A very hard-working and determined team player

Andria naturally greets everyone she meets with her beautiful smiling eyes and sincere warmth of the genuinely friendly person that she really is. No wonder she is so much loved by her friends and colleagues, who describe her as an inspiration to them in so many different ways.

Andria spends a lot of time inside the office and with her laptop and phone with remote access to the Alliance system, she can be “at work” anywhere at any time.

Aged 33 and currently single, Andria lives in Balzan and works from the Alliance branch in Santa Venera. “I love this area of Malta and have got to know property here like the back of my hand”, she states confidently. Her main zones are around Attard, Misrah Kola, Iklin, Balzan, San Gwann, Birkirkara and Santa Venera, but she also works equally well further afield when required.

Fully dedicated to her clients and her team, Andria has little time for hobbies and pastimes. When she finds time, she enjoys trekking in the countryside to de-stress, but then looks forward to change back into one of her fashionable outfits, do her hair and wear make-up to look her best.

Andria enjoys trekking in the countryside to de-stress.

Asked about her most memorable sale, Andria relates the story of a foreign client couple who had lived in Malta for several years. She had sold their house, but then the sale fell though for reasons beyond her control. So, she had to put it back on the market and after a lot of hard work and dedication, she managed to secure another buyer for the house just one month later. She then supported the owners in communicating with accountants, banks and government officials to smoothen out their personal financial issues. “They had told me that in all the years they’ve lived here, they had never come across any other Maltese person who helped them like I had done, and that filled me with pride and made all my hard work worthwhile. This is why this sale is one of my most memorable ever”, she concludes.

Andria laments the fact that many people still do not understand the job of an estate agent or appreciate the work agents do for their clients on both sides of the property deal. “I’ve been working in real estate for the past four years and by now I know I’m an important asset to support buyers in finding the right property at the right time and price”, she concludes.

Andria is based at Alliance Santa Venera Office and can be reached directly on andria@alliance.mt or +356 9999 3993

Who we are

Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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