Real Estate People: Meet Arianne Borg

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Real Estate People: Meet Arianne Borg

A qualified accountant by profession, Arianne Borg worked in accounts and sales departments for several years until she switched to working in real estate in 2014. “I moved to property almost by chance, but being a people person I immediately fell totally in love with the industry and worked as a property consultant for about six years”. She goes on to explain how she specialised mostly in properties located around Sliema and St.Julians, and also on townhouses and houses of character in central areas, and how being out and about getting to know people was one of the drivers that motivated her to switch careers.

Alliance Real Estate People - Arianne Borg
Young Arianne at home

Since the launch of Alliance Selected in August, her role has changed and as an Alliance Selected Officer, she now works on the team that manages this flagship service package developed by Alliance to speed up the sales process by doing things differently.

“With Alliance Selected we have managed to align a lot of complex systems into a very smooth operation that is giving some very excellent results for our clients.”, she boasts proudly. “When property owners list their property up for sale, they generally expect us to find a buyer within a matter of a few weeks, but in reality it may take as long as a whole year for a property to sell in the traditional ways everyone else was doing up to now. I’m not just saying this; these stats were published in Djar research released just last year”, she explains reassuringly.

Arianne (bottom left) with her twin sister Mireille, and older sister Michèle

Alliance Selected is changing three important aspects of how real estate is marketed in Malta. Firstly, a panel of expert appraisers give property owners the most reliable advice on setting the right price that is based on current market trends and updated data from many similar properties. Then a set of high quality presentation assets is produced. This includes top quality photography and video, a 3D walkthrough with dollhouse view and a floor plan to make remote viewing more effective and super convenient for potential buyers. Thirdly, using these assets, a detailed website landing page is built and substantial investment is made in effective advertising across different media. “Our marketing team is running tailor-made campaigns on different media platforms, to ensure we reach the right audiences as soon as possible. Their work includes selecting the best content, enhanced SEO copywriting and monitoring results on an ongoing basis to tweak things as necessary.” she continues.

Alliance Real Estate People - Arianne Borg
Arianne and her trusty King Charles Cavalier Cooper

Arianne works on new property listings from the time of onboarding to conclusion. Together with her colleague Kevin De Leonardo, she acts as a liaison between the property owners and more than 150 Alliance property advisors, to ensure optimal service is being delivered at all touchpoints. During the current Covid-19 pandemic situation where everyone is trying to reduce unnecessary social contact, Alliance Selected has proven its worth with close to a hundred properties listed so far and more than a quarter of them already sold. Right now, the average lead time for properties to sell is a very impressive 53 days.

Currently living in Iklin, Arianne is married to Edwin and she is the mother of two boys, Gabriel aged seventeen and Adam aged fifteen. In her free time, she enjoys being out in the countryside and up till last year, travel was one of her passions.

Alliance Real Estate People - Arianne Borg
Arianne with her husband Edwin and their children Gabriel and Adam, on one of their family trips overseas

Asked about her most memorable sale, Arianne recounts the story of an apartment in Ibragg which she had just listed and fixed a sticker on the window; “I had hardly got down the street when a client called me to view the property. I took them immediately and they bought it soon after.” she concludes with her beaming smile. These things hardly ever happen so quickly, so it’s no wonder it’s so memorable for her.

Arianne Borg is based at Alliance Head Office in Sliema and may be reached on email: arianne@alliance.mt or phone 79005544.

More information on Alliance Selected properties may be found here: https://bit.ly/allianceselected

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