Real Estate People: Meet Brenda Magri

Alliance People Corporate Working in Real Estate
Real Estate People: Meet Brenda Magri

In the first of our series “Alliance Real Estate People”, today we meet Brenda Magri.

Seeing Brenda’s four awesome trophies on her desk, you wouldn’t believe she’s been working in real estate for just four years. Yet in 2019, when Alliance formed part of an international franchise network, she managed to walk away with the diamond certificate for the highest net commissions generated, and trophies for highest service fees, highest amount of listings registered , highest number of transactions, and highest number of own listings she sold herself. She received these prestigious accolades in July 2020, at the launch of the new Alliance brand in Valletta.

Brenda Magri with her four trophies of 2019
Brenda Magri – Alliance Real Estate People

Single and aged 40, when Brenda isn’t helping people find family homes and investment properties, she’s out running or at home in Valletta playing her violin. Other than that, she’s as much a professional property advisor as they come. On the positive side of her job, she loves meeting new people every day and helping them fulfill their dreams; whilst on the negative side, she hates rejection, even though by now she’s grown very much immune to all forms of negativity.

“My most memorable sale is when I helped a visually impaired person “see” what soon became his future home. He had found no help from any other agents and I got the idea to create a floor plan outline with match sticks for him to be able to feel with his fingers on paper to get a concept of the property that wasn’t yet built. He loved the idea and really appreciated my dedication to meet his needs, and of course he bought the property!!”, she exclaims.

Brenda has a great track record of helping people in need and overcoming all sorts of work challenges. She concluded other sales to disabled people, including one wheelchair bound person where her towering stature came in very handy when taking the client on property viewings.

Asked for her best advice to sellers, she quickly suggests to keep a level head when it comes to pricing and to not get too bullish when a genuine offer is put forward by an interested buyer. And her advice to buyers?…

I always advise buyers to speak to the banks before they start property hunting, so that they know where they stand and what they can afford and don’t get disappointed after falling in love with a property that’s over their budget.

Brenda is based at Alliance Marina Branch and can be contacted on +356 7942 2408 or brenda@alliance.mt.

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Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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