Real Estate People: Meet Brian Grech

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Real Estate People: Meet Brian Grech

Brian Grech is a 31 year old property advisor who graduated with an insurance qualification and worked as underwriter and claims manager for about ten years. He then got an opportunity to move to media – at first on radio, and then for a while he presented a daily afternoon programme on TVM – the national TV station. In 2018, he moved into real estate.

Brian Grech - Alliance Real Estate People
Brian on set during his programme Lifestyle & Co which aired on TVM

“I loved working on radio and then television even more”, he reminisces, “…but it’s very hard work and with very little reward. So, I felt I couldn’t build a proper career doing that as much as I can working in property.” He continues, “I feel very fortunate that Alliance Academy has given me excellent training to help me learn the ins and outs of property advisor work, and I’m very well supported by my branch managers. Even as a team at the office, all colleagues help and support each other constantly.”

Brian Grech - Alliance Real Estate People

Based at Alliance branch in Santa Venera, Brian specialises mostly in townhouses and houses of character, more than any other type of real estate. “I am fascinated with the history and original character of traditional architecture and features such as old stone, arches, troughs, courtyards and the Maltese patterned titles”, he explains. Being an inherently creative person, enables Brian to visualise the potential of properties in their unconverted state and is then also able to communicate this to potential buyers.

Brian Grech - Alliance Real Estate People
In his spare time, Brian enjoys jogging to wind down and de-stress.

Comparing his different job roles throughout his career so far, Brian appreciates that he is not working in a mundane nine to five job, and more so that he is in full control of his earning potential based on his own productivity. “I’m a very social person and enjoy meeting people and building new friendships. Nothing beats the genuine satisfaction I get from helping clients find their perfect home, or when I am selling an owner’s property at a price they are after”, he explains.

As much as property advisors relish the excitement of both buyers and sellers dealing in property, and the fact that most people rely on their expertise to help them manage their way through the process; they often lament the common misconception that estate agents earn a lot of money for doing practically nothing. “Selling real estate is more work that you might imagine, and although there are some very successful estate agents, there are many who struggle just to make ends meet”, he cautions.

Brian Grech is based at Alliance branch in Santa Venera and may be reached directly on bgrech@alliance.mt or phone 77055153.

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