Real Estate People: Meet Brian Sacco

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Real Estate People: Meet Brian Sacco

Brian Sacco is a senior property advisor who started working in real estate at age seventeen. For a while he had moved to another sales job and nine years ago, he returned to the industry with Alliance. Supported with training and mentoring from his manager Gordon Valentino, he has grown confidently into the role and continues to develop his skills every day to achieve new goals.

Alliance Real Estate People - Brian Sacco
Brian has had his faithful bulldog Lord Bentley by his side for about seven years.

Based at our flagship branch on Tigne Seafront in Sliema, Brian specialises mostly in investments and old houses with potential for regeneration. “I feel I have a natural flair for aesthetics and interior design is one of my pastimes. When I walk into a property, part of my mind is imaging it converted into a home and another part is working out the return on investment for my client.”, he quips with a beaming smile.

Alliance Real Estate People - Brian Sacco
Travel is something that Brian is missing tremendously right now. Here is is seen with a camel in Petra, Jordan – one of his fondest travel memories.

Brian does not restrict his reach to one area or a singular type of property and he takes every opportunity that comes his way to its maximum. Talking about his most memorable experiences, he describes a sale he had concluded on a penthouse in Sliema. “One Saturday afternoon I was at the office and a client walks in asking to look at some seafront properties in the area. I happened to have the keys for this fabulous penthouse on the front and suggested we go see it. The couple oblige and within less than an hour we were concluding”. Although stories of massive “easy sales” like this are not that common in the industry, real estate is always about opportunity and timing and being at the right place at the right time and with the right tools. Staying put waiting for things to happen never yields success and if Brian had stayed at home or gone to the beach that Saturday afternoon, someone else would most like have sold that couple another property that day.

Alliance Real Estate People - Brian Sacco
Brian stays active with regular gym and training sessions.

Asked for his best advice to buyers, Brian suggests getting on the property ladder as early as possible in life, “so that you can start to reap the benefits of your investment earlier”, were his words. “Property is an asset that you can enjoy, and if you buy well, can make you richer in the long run”, he advises. Brian also has similar advice for sellers. “Sell and buy again”, he replies promptly. Real estate in Malta has historically always appreciated well and movements in the market always make people richer. “Really, the only losers are those who haven’t invested in any real estate”, he concludes.

Brian Sacco was based at Alliance Tigne branch. Contact 22650000 or hellotgn@alliance.mt

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