Real Estate People: Meet Doulton Tonna

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Real Estate People: Meet Doulton Tonna

Doulton is a 24 year old property advisor who moved from catering to the real estate industry about five years ago, making a good name for himself through sheer determination and hard work, with such success that his dad Demis followed him to also become an Alliance property advisor.

Doulton Tonna - Alliance Real Estate
Sporty Doulton
Doulton Tonna - Alliance Real Estate
Doulton has been an avid boxer since childhood

Living in Pieta and based at Strand Alliance branch in Gzira, Doulton specialises in central and south areas of Malta, especially for first time buyers. “Dealing with first time buyers and young people in general, fills me with great satisfaction every day, as it’s easier for us to connect with each other and more rewarding. Plus, they truly appreciate my professional support and I am playing such an important part at a big step in the beginning of their life.”, he reminisces fondly.

Doulton laments the situation where many people have the wrong impression that real estate agents make a lot of money for pretty much doing nothing or very little. “Sometimes it takes weeks of research work behind the scenes to find that ideal property for a client; and I’m talking about leg work out in the street knocking doors come rain or shine, not just doing internet searches.” He explains. It is hoped that this incorrect perception that concerns many estate agents, is bound to change now that all operators need to qualify for a warrant to be able to work in the industry. Making real estate work a warranted profession by qualification, cannot happen soon enough for dedicated young agents like Doulton.

Doulton Tonna - Alliance Real Estate

Asked about his most memorable experiences, Doulton recounts the story of when he sold several properties to an entire family. “First I had sold the family home when the mum and dad downsized to a new penthouse; soon after that their daughter and her boyfriend purchased an apartment, and then I concluded the sale of another apartment to their son and his girlfriend”. This is a sure sign that Doulton managed to win the entire family’s trust, who valued his high-quality service and reliability.

Doulton’s best advice to sellers is “always, and I repeat always, trust the valuation and pricing process of a serious estate agency. They have good knowledge of many properties in your area and can give you the best valuation for yours. Agents are constantly abreast of the latest market developments. Just as when you’re sick you trust a doctor for treatment, or a hairdresser to style your hair, the same applies for other professional services like property advisory”. He concludes.

Doulton Tonna - Alliance Real Estate
Doulton at his office on the Strand in Gzira

Doulton is based at Alliance Strand branch on the Gzira seafront and can be reached directly on 99516283 or doulton@alliance.mt.

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