Real Estate People: Meet Keith Ruggier

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Real Estate People: Meet Keith Ruggier

Aged 24, Keith Ruggier is one of the youngest property advisors with Alliance, and with just about six months experience, he may be deemed still a rookie. However, Keith is clearly a rising star and in this short time he has already demonstrated his very high potential for growth and built several excellent contacts and leads, even going as far as securing his first two sales within just the first few weeks since joining.

Keith celebrating his first sale in October 2020, with his manager Ana-Marija at Alliance San Gwann branch

Before deciding to become a professional property advisor, Keith worked as Brand and Sales Executive in advertising. “I always looked for jobs that made me happy and drive me to wake up every morning excited to work more.”, Keith explains candidly, and he continues, “Once I saw the opportunity to try my hand in this industry, I snatched it and affirmed how it complements my lifestyle.” Keith has fitted into the Alliance family very well and is a much-loved member of the San Gwann branch team. Here he focuses mostly on properties for first time buyers, an audience with which he can identify with more directly because of his relatively young age.

Ruggieru, as he is affectionately referred to by his colleagues, received induction training with Alliance CPO Frank Borg at Alliance Academy and like all other professional estate agents right now, is in the process of obtaining his estate agent’s warrant. Although some of the more mature agents may find “going back to school” rather daunting, Keith took the course in his stride and is doing very well there too.

Keith was exposed to college rugby after spending some time in France on a Comenius student exchange programme. Here he is seen with the Malta’s U-18s team in Andorra for the Small Nations Games in 2015

Considering he’s been in this job for just about six months, you would think Keith’s experience is rather thin, but when asked about his most memorable experience so far, he recounts the story of a sale that gave him tremendous job satisfaction. “One client had contacted me on a property I was advertising, and when I took her to view it, she felt comfortable enough to tell me about how she had felt cheated by another estate agent, as if to warn me in advance. So, I obviously helped her as much as I could, which I would have done anyway even without her warning. But after various meetings, in the end she decided to buy a property from which I made absolutely no commission. Regardless, I was genuinely happy for her finding what she was looking for and that was it. But that wasn’t the end of the story; some weeks later she calls me up again to tell me that her promise of sale fell through and how she would trust me to find her the property she was looking for. After several more Sunday viewings, and with some closing help from my manager Ana-Marija, in the end we managed to close on a beautiful apartment for her in Qormi”, he concludes.

This is very much a typical kind of story we often hear in the real estate industry. Keith’s patient and friendly approach and his determined perseverance is what won the day in the end. “I’m still very young and full of energy to learn and grow more”, Keith admits, “if I let my ego rule my judgement, then I feel that will work against me”. Humility is indeed a lacking aptitude for many estate agents and Keith can teach us a thing or two about it here.

Alliance Real Estate People - Keith Ruggier
Keith enjoys a round of tennis whenever he can

Living in Gudja, Keith enjoys video gaming, learning and dining out with friends, but his real pastime passion is for tennis, a game he enjoys frequently to burn off some steam and keep himself fit and healthy.

Keith Ruggier is based at Alliance San Gwann branch and may be contacted on kruggier@alliance.mt or 77270197

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