Real Estate People: Meet Natasha Camilleri

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Real Estate People: Meet Natasha Camilleri

At age 39, Natasha has dealt with more than her fair share of life’s challenges, and this has made her more determined and dead set on achieving new goals. A single mother, totally devoted to her 17-year old son Liam, who is hoping to follow a law degree in the coming years, Natasha speaks of her career in real estate as being “life changing”. “I’m eternally grateful to my dear parents for all the support they give me to make it possible for me to pursue my career.”, she explains fondly.

“When I moved from my office job as a reservations clerk in the travel industry to real estate, I had no idea of how much I needed to learn to arrive to where I am today. Had I known, I think I could have been daunted enough to give up.”, she concedes with a knowing smile.

Natasha Camilleri - Alliance Real Estate
Natasha growing up

Natasha started working as a property advisor four years ago and she admits that in this time, dealing with rejection is probably one of the biggest lessons that she has had to learn to deal with. “This is a very rewarding job because I get to help my clients make their dreams come true. But sometimes the question is about understanding their dreams, rather than expecting their dreams to be exactly like mine. I used to get very disappointed when clients would reject some properties that I would have fallen in love with for them.”, she explains. “Then I started learning to read people better and trying to see things from their perspective more than from mine, and this helped me overcome the fear of rejection. A trait that has also helped me a lot in my own personal life”.

Natasha Camilleri - Alliance Real Estate
Natasha reviewing project plans at her office in Pieta

Living in St. Paul’s Bay, Natasha specialises in Malta’s central and North areas more than anywhere else. This includes the towns and villages around Mosta, Naxxar, Rabat and Attard in the central areas and Mellieha, Mgarr, Mtarfa, St. Paul’s Bay and Qawra in the Northern region. “I love living in St. Paul’s Bay”, Natasha claims proudly. “… and I strongly believe this area offers tremendous potential for investors who are looking at the longer term”, she continues. “Up to now, property here is still very affordable when compared to other seaside places like St. Julians or Sliema”; but you can observe various ongoing developments that will eventually make this locality much more sought after by a wider spectrum of people”, she concludes.

Natasha Camilleri - Alliance Real Estate
Happy Natasha with her partner Tony Grixti
Natasha Camilleri - Alliance Real Estate
Natasha runs for fitness and mood boosting

Asked for her best advice to buyers, Natasha suggested owners should remain realistic with their expectations, and keep in mind the changing market value dynamics. When it comes to sellers, Natasha strongly advise them to enhance their homes as much as they can, in order to appeal more to buyers and to be flexible with viewings. “A good property advisor would not want to waste your time, so every appointment could be the one that seals the deal”.

Natasha Camilleri - Alliance Real Estate
Award winning Natasha (July 2020)

Natasha is based at Alliance Marina branch on the Pieta seafront and can be reached directly on 99811981 or natasha@alliance.mt.

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