• 02-02-2024

New Mentoring Programme for Alliance Real Estate Management Team

The remarkable expansion of Alliance Real Estate Group in 2023 resulted in the addition of 17 new branches to the network, bringing the total number of Alliance offices across Malta and Gozo to 30. With a collective headcount approaching 400, including sales and letting advisors as well as support staff, the company is now concentrating on consolidation to prioritize sustainability and stakeholder satisfaction.

Alliance CEO Michael Bonello explained how the management team is currently focusing on optimization. "After incorporating numerous established property offices into our system, we made the strategic decision to halt the acceptance of new franchises during 2024. While more growth opportunities continue to present themselves, our primary focus is now on improving every aspect of our operations, ensuring that everyone on board can work towards realizing their full potential," he clarified.

As part of this optimization plan, a new mentoring program commenced in January with the C-Level team and will expand throughout the entire Alliance network over this year. Michael Bonello elaborated, "Our in-house Alliance Real Estate Academy offers excellent training programs for advisors at all levels. Now, Mark Ellul will be mentoring, supporting, and training our managers, who play a crucial role in running our operations and branches."

With over 34 years of hands-on experience in marketing, strategic management, coaching, and mentoring across 28 countries, Mark Ellul is a motivational speaker, executive life coach and trainer. He has developed customized training and coaching programs for various industries, including retail, real estate, law, finance, hospitality and others.

Mark possesses in-depth knowledge of customer habits through research on how and why customers choose a business, product, or service. He understands their thought process and emotions behind their buying decisions and what motivates them to buy or choose one company over another.

Mark Ellul conveyed his excitement about the program, stating, "I am delighted to contribute to Alliance's dedication to professional development and operational excellence. By providing targeted mentoring, our goal is to equip the management team with the skills and insights essential for maximizing both their own potential and that of their respective teams."

More information about Alliance can be found at alliance.mt or on social media.