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Meet Raphael Degabriele

After completing his studies at St Aloysius College, in 1987 Raphael Degabriele had originally qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer and worked in the medical field for a short while. Discovering a flair for sales and interacting with people thanks to a part time job he had at the time, Raphael decided to change his career path completely, and in 1988 he began working as a real estate marketing advisor and property consultant. While furthering his real estate career, he obtained a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from the ISMM of London.

Following a chance meeting with Michael Bonello, Raphael joined Alliance in 2015; and currently manages the Alliance branch office in Swieqi. Here he is responsible for supporting and motivating his team of property advisors and ensuring we achieve or exceed our shared objectives.

Now having over 30 years’ experience in the field, Raphael Degabriele aspire to make things happen through effective leadership and mentoring and he thrive on helping like-minded individuals achieve their goals and dreams through passion and dedication.

Alliance Swieqi branch is located towards the end of Triq il-Qasam, close to St. Andrew’s Road. This office easy access to the north of the Island and is also well located for easy access central and southern localities.


Raphael: Well I’ve been involved in real estate since 1997, which is coming up to 34 years now, and certain things have changed a lot, certain fundamentals have remained the same. The properties have changed, the way we construct, property started getting smaller as time goes by. People want less indoor space and more outdoors, especially since Covid, people are looking for terraces, yards, gardens and views as opposed to lots of interior space. The fundamentals of our job have remained the same. I mean we are still expected to be professional, honest, and reliable. And we’ve got to have integrity, basically.

The thing I find the most rewarding in real estate is meeting a client I would have dealt with, he has before, and he stayed grateful for the help that had been given at the time; and people recommending us to friends of theirs to family members.

At the end of the day the money we earn is really a side effect of doing our job properly. What really counts is the satisfaction of doing this work properly and, you know, having people coming back to you time and time again.”

Alliance property advisors are highly regarded self-employed entrepreneurs, who receive training, support, and all the necessary tools to generate business for themselves within the company.

Raphael: Another very satisfying thing for me as a manager is when somebody joins us with experience, perhaps even from another company, and eventually once they fit into the team and chemistry starts to kick in, they go from being good real estate agents, to being excellent ones.

Alliance Swieqi is home to a very diverse team of property advisors, who work on all property types in all areas of the island.

Michael Bonello (Alliance CEO): As more people continue choosing Alliance as a reliable real estate partner, we are always on the lookout for more entrepreneurs to become part of our group.

Who we are

Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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