Real Estate People: Meet Sandro Psaila

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Real Estate People: Meet Sandro Psaila

Sandro is a 56 year old property advisor who joined Alliance three years ago, after running the family business in high-end ladies fashionwear for almost all of his working life till then.

“When I was young, my mother used to run the shop and I used to go visit her after school. Observing her dealing with customers every day, augmented my academic learning and taught me so much more than any school could ever teach me – about people skills and sales techniques, and the paramount importance of always giving a good service”, Sandro reminisces. He describes how his mother’s natural charisma with people, brought them a constant flow of repeat business and how satisfied customers would bring in others with good word of mouth advertising more than any other form of promotion.

Sandro way back when he was working in fashion retail

These lessons he learnt at their clothes shop in Birkirkara, still serve him well to this day in his everyday dealings with his clients in real estate. Asked about the parallels he sees between selling fashionwear and selling real estate, Sandro explains how any kind of sales process is very much based on building trust and how he strives to build trust at every touchpoint. The training and support we receive from Alliance Academy has been indispensable for me to achieve the level I have reached today, and the ongoing training to achieve the estate agent’s warrant is bound to keep improving the quality of service we offer”, he continues. He explains how he invests a lot of time in preparation that is totally unseen by his clients, “this is what gives me the confidence to provide reliable advice to all my clients” he concludes.

Sandro at his Holy Communion

Living in St. Paul’s Bay, Sandro is an avid sailor, who enjoys walking almost every day to keep himself fit and healthy. Littering is one of his pet hates and if he had to choose one thing to save the world it would be the complete abolition of single use plastics. “Some careless people litter the streets and pavements and then this often ends up in the sea harming our sea life, which we should be protecting at all costs.”, he explains.

Sandro is an avid boat enthusiast

Sandro is based at Alliance Marina branch in Pieta, from where he specialises mostly in properties in central and North areas of Malta. He may be reached directly on 99288466 or spsaila@alliance.mt.

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Alliance is a newly formed real estate agency brand that is being built on the existent network of strategically located offices around Malta, and the wealth of knowledge, professional experience and strong personal relationships of its founding partners.

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