Real Estate People: Meet Veronica Vella

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Real Estate People: Meet Veronica Vella

Veronica Vella is a senior property advisor who previously worked as a kindergarten teacher and learning support assistant, shop assistant and mother for her three children, before joining Alliance in 2015. Currently living with her family in Msida, Veronica is based at our flagship branch on The Strand in Gzira, from where she specialises in North and central areas; because as she puts it, “I am able find more greenery and open spaces which I feel are important aspects to offer to my clients.”

Alliance Real Estate People - Veronica Vella
Veronica growing up

Although Veronica deals with many Maltese clients on a regular basis, her network of contacts extends internationally and forming relationships with foreign clients and hearing their stories from all around the world, is one of the aspects she enjoys most about her job.

Asked about her most memorable experience, Veronica explains how COVID-19 caused many of her clients to become apprehensive to continue searching for their perfect future home. “This made me even more determined to stay in touch with them and to keep searching high and low to find what they are looking for”, she continues, and goes on to relate the story of one British couple; “They had decided to come settle in Malta and I had been working for them for a while, but the pandemic obviously made things very difficult.” Working from home, Veronica could access the Alliance database remotely and continue her research for her clients. “Soon enough the perfect apartment in Manikata was put on the market and after sending them some photos, it became clear that a virtual tour to show more of the property was what was needed. The next day after viewing the property on video call, they put in a suitable offer on it and it got accepted.” Without the use of technology both at research stage as well as presentation stage, the promise of sale would not have been possible as this was done virtually over a video call and sealed on a Power of Attorney.

Alliance Real Estate People - Veronica Vella
Veronica lunging into a Warrior Two (Virabhadrasana II) yoga pose

Veronica has a cool, calm and very collected personality, perhaps because she practices yoga regularly and enjoys jogging, sailing and reading as her pastimes. “I’m not a very competitive person”, she admits blatantly, “sometimes I wonder how I survive in this cutthroat industry where competition between agents is so ubiquitous”, she concludes. The vast diversity of property advisors working in Malta’s real estate industry would make for a very interesting study one day, as “soft” agents like Veronica thrive as well as “hard” agents who also appeal to other people who admire those traits.

Alliance Real Estate People - Veronica Vella
Veronica with her beautiful family

She advises buyers to ensure they have an open line of communication with which they are comfortable enough to inform their agent of their needs, wants and expectations of what they believe their perfect home should be. “Buyers would do well to curate a list of all of these points to be as clear as possible with their vision, between themselves as well as with their agent.”, she advises. To sellers, Veronica suggests making a bigger effort to keep a tidy and clean home. “Opening up the space by letting some natural light in or maybe lighting some scented candles will make a world of a difference and help to create a welcoming and homely feeling. Leaving a lasting impression is your main goal, for that extra touch, why not try some light baking?”

Veronica Vella is based at Alliance Strand branch in Gzira and may be reached on email: veronica@alliance.mt or phone 79302133.

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